2015 update to “Men’s Swimwear for 2014?”


Recently a viewer added an enlightening comment to my post of a year ago (4/18/14), which I called “Men’s Swimwear for 2014?”

“One of the pictures you have is of the Natatorium at my high school in Minnesota. It’s the one with the diver in a dive with his backside to the camera. It’s difficult for people, especially younger people, to believe that we swam and dove naked during competitions with the general public watching. The opposing team members also swam naked. Nobody seemed to care back then. This was in the 1960s. My older brother also attended the same school as did my dad in the late 1930s and early 1940s. They were also swimmers and also swam naked.
I don’t know who the person diving in the picture is but I may have known him.”

To see the full post “Men’s Swimwear for 2014?” click here.



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1 Response to 2015 update to “Men’s Swimwear for 2014?”

  1. Kirk Selvaggio says:

    Been there, during practice at Jr. College community pool. Still had too wear Speedos at meets, though. Much too the disappointment of a number of local lasses and thier mom’s.

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