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Todd and I live in Maryland but at Christmas and briefly in summer visit Fullerton, California, where I grew up. This year I’ve made additional visits alone, owing to illness in my family. Waiting in line at the Amerige Heights … Continue reading

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I Learned Something in Every Class

Before handing back a chemistry exam, my white-haired, kindly teacher said if he sat a monkey down with a crayon, he’d expect it to get 25% of the answers right. I got a 24. Near the end of the year … Continue reading

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My strange relationship with Jackson Browne

I In the ’70s I smoked weed in the crowd of the UT-Austin Special Events Center as Jackson Browne sang and bounced basketballs off the stage into his audience. Then for a decade I drifted away from rock and folk … Continue reading

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My mother had to make the boys let Gary Carter play ball with them

On a Thanksgiving Friday, walking along Queens Boulevard I looked up and saw an advertising billboard of  baseball catcher Gary Carter shaving or putting on aftershave or combing his hair–I can’t remember what he was advertising. I said to the … Continue reading

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Is he gone yet?

Don’t look for me in this blurry picture. I’m not there. The closest I came to playing water polo was joining my best friend in holding our breaths and hiding out underwater when the coach, during the required physical education … Continue reading

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