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What a difference an apostrophe makes. Consider the sentence in the Queen Mary post below: Time and place are the writer’s problems, and the readers’. Take away the apostrophe after readers and the sentence means the readers are the writer’s problem, not that time and place are also the readers’ problems. Interesting, huh? One little apostrophe.

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The Queen Mary main lounge, c. 1950

This picture disturbs me because, except for the ashtrays and cigarettes, this room from sixty years ago could be today. If I were writing about a 1950 room, would I be so busy with the differences from the present that I’d … Continue reading

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Beach wrestling: “Watch his neck.” Write a short story?

Good show, guys. There’s a jump-off point for fiction in this Youtube video. Maybe two guys realize their friendship is based on one being better at things. The loser needs to get out from under his friend’s shadow, and the … Continue reading

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Annapolis, Naval Academy Midshipmen on their way to lunch

Annapolis is home.

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Annapolis, Maryland State House

I’ve lived in six capitals, including, briefly, Madrid and Buenos Aires. Since 1973 I haven’t lived in a city that isn’t a capital. So, naturally enough, my first novel is set in a capital (Annapolis) and the story revolves around the … Continue reading

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Midshipmen Gangnam-style

If you haven’t watched this You Tube video that went viral last fall, it’s well worth the two-and-a-half minutes.…0.0…

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Backseat of the new 1956 Plymouth…”with wide doors that never snag frocks.”

But we don’t use the word “frock” any longer, right? I found this ad in the book, Ads That Put America on Wheels. I was 8 in 1956, and I don’t remember my mom or sisters talking about their “frocks” but … Continue reading

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My new Lamborghini

Well, not exactly mine. It was parked near my gym. “The job I really want is stealing expensive cars”–the words of one of my characters. Midway through a book, I might not remember what color hair and eyes the author … Continue reading

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Enter the Twilight Zone: on their honeymoon, her husband arrested for her sister’s murder

A young man and his bride. It doesn’t matter what their names were. Let sleeping dogs lie. This murky picture is 64 years old. In a late ‘forties Newsweek, it was credited to the Milwaukee Sentinel from International, and the caption … Continue reading

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New York City at night is a great source to find art that may be reblogged, also a wonderful place to browse for whatever, usually not clitoris, a search I tried. Well, I hadn’t touched one for a long while and needed to see … Continue reading

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