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One Wants to Be Careful Which Drunk Friends One Chooses

I have lived in Washington, DC, full or part-time, since 1979. Our apartment is quite close to the Washington Hilton, which years ago led to some dinner guests telling us that, while walking to Metro from our apartment after drinking … Continue reading

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She got everything in the divorce.

No offense intended, ladies. Maybe she deserved it all. This picture and caption, both from notashamedtobemen, made me laugh.

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“Driscilla, don’t you wonder who threw up in the aisle during the night?”

I traveled with a bottle of bourbon, bought Cokes with ice in plastic cups in the lounge car, and carried them back to my seat to add the magic ingredient. The details are fuzzy, as traveling with a bottle of … Continue reading

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Is he gone yet?

Don’t look for me in this blurry picture. I’m not there. The closest I came to playing water polo was joining my best friend in holding our breaths and hiding out underwater when the coach, during the required physical education … Continue reading

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Apartheid at Coney Island, Cincinnati: A kid who hadn’t been “saved” in a falling boat in a segregated park. Sure, it was fun, but…

I began school in Cincinnati, where I was born, but during first grade received an offer from a grade school in California and moved my family there. For a triumphant return to Cincinnati on vacation in 1957 I loaded my … Continue reading

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