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1975: the way we were, the gadgets we had and didn’t have

Craig Beckstein, the protagonist in my novel-in-progress, was in college in 1975. I went looking to see if cell phones were yet in their infancy and found the post below, reproduced here from the blog of Ran Prieur. I added the … Continue reading

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Permanent Makeup and chicken soup

From Terra Ziporyn’s Permanent Makeup: “She understood that the moments we call the past, present, and future coexist, so that everything that had ever happened or would ever happen was always present, and of equal consequence. For that reason, she supposed, … Continue reading

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The Queen Mary main lounge, c. 1950

This picture disturbs me because, except for the ashtrays and cigarettes, this room from sixty years ago could be today. If I were writing about a 1950 room, would I be so busy with the differences from the present that I’d … Continue reading

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