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Wherever you go, there it is: home town, U.S.A.

“This was a world of vast parking lots connected to one another by roads that, due to congestion, often looked like vast parking lots. Every motel, restaurant, pet shop, and cinema was part of a national chain, giving the whole … Continue reading

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Sublime by Artist Will Bullas

I received this engaging post card, which contains no information re the artist, but tracked it, I believe, to Will Bullas,

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Andy Warhol and Campbell’s new cream of chicken soup, 1949

Is everyone interested in the few years before and after they were born, or is this an ego problem particular to me? Around my birthday every year I like to focus on how the world was then (maybe because I’m a rail fan, … Continue reading

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Pintoricchio’s Lucrezia Borgia

“Bernardino di Betto, called Pintoricchio or Pinturicchio… (1454–1513) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance. He acquired his nickname, Pintoricchio (‘little painter’), because of his small stature, and he used it to sign some of his works.” From a Wikipedia page about the … Continue reading

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