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Ex-pats and natives mix it up intimately in a Dubai that is almost a character in Garry Craig Powell’s Stoning the Devil, a novel that in my opinion should be a NY Times notable, for the quality of its prose and the significance and timeliness of its portrait of women in the United Arab Emirates.

It shouldn’t be surprising when boys raised isolated from girls and taught they’re superior grow up to become adult sexual monsters (sometimes even unwilling monsters). What is surprising is how Garry Craig Powell gets under the skin, into the hearts and minds, of … Continue reading

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Here are three questions for Garry Craig Powell, author of Stoning the Devil.

Q: You’ve hooked me on wanting the feel of being an ex-pat in Dubai. Imagine that you and I are sitting in a Dubai hotel bar. (You’re buying, because that sweetens the fantasy for me; I’m cheap.) Who would be … Continue reading

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