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Blow-Up: the Story, the Film, and the View Out My Window

Looking down on Plaza Sobral from our 9th floor bedroom window, I thought of Cortazar’s story “Blow-Up,” in which a photographer thinks he’s seeing a woman seducing a boy but, enlarging photos of the scene, realizes a man was waiting … Continue reading

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How Argentina became my France without ever applying for the job

I signed up to take French in high school, but French was overcrowded and I let myself be talked into taking Latin. I intended to take French in college, but all sections of intro French were full by my turn … Continue reading

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Two men dancing in the late 1800s

Reblogged here from the marvelous tumblr, Lover of Beauty , there captioned as “Experimental Sound Film (dir. William Dickson — 1894)” and cited as “originally posted by truefoes.” Consider this unrelated but relevant quote from Intersecting Tango : Cultural Geographies of Buenos … Continue reading

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