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Surfing anyone?

I doubt surfing was as big commercially when I was a kid as it is now, but socially it was huge in Southern California as I was growing up. Sun-bleached blond bangs meant you were a surfer, which was bigger than … Continue reading

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Annapolis St. Patrick’s Day snow: confused about how to dress?

This young man can dress however he wants as far as I’m concerned. Photo reblogged from and there attributed to It wasn’t taken in Annapolis; I don’t know the location. Photo above from Tony’s Blog and there attributed to weza.

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Welcoming Spring 1949-style, Newsweek magazine, with a nod to Barnes Bros. Circus, Adlai Stevenson, Bette Davis, and Rita Hayworth

From the May 2, 1949 Newsweek: “Airy Publicity: To welcome the springtime–and to get her picture in the papers–Betty Fox, a Barnes Bros. Circus performer, climbed out a thirteenth floor window of a Chicago hotel and skipped rope on an … Continue reading

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Permanent Makeup and chicken soup

From Terra Ziporyn’s Permanent Makeup: “She understood that the moments we call the past, present, and future coexist, so that everything that had ever happened or would ever happen was always present, and of equal consequence. For that reason, she supposed, … Continue reading

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Azul Laranja photo(?) and 1944 and 1943 William C Shrout photos

Reblogged from Azul Laranja, although I first saw it reblogged on climbing-down-bokor. Below is another photo I liked on climbing-down-bokor, Life Aboard Pbm Flying Boat, William C Shrout 1944 (obviously from Life magazine; maybe a cover?). Both of these tumblr blogs are spellbinding. … Continue reading

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Night on Bald Mountain: Musorgsky’s version vs. Rimsky-Korsakov’s

“I would agree. If you listen to  Musorgsky’s version here and then Rimsky-Korsakov’s, you can hear the difference in the rawness and power of Musorgsky versus the nuance and finer polish of Rimsky-Korsakov.” From Carolyn Sienkiewicz’ review of Stephen Walsh, Musorgsky and … Continue reading

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Celebrity Century and Studebaker Avanti: what do they have to do with each other?

I call this blog, “Through My Eyes,” but it could as well be called, “One Thing Leads To Another,” because that’s how my mind works, as do others, I believe. On our 25th anniversary Todd and I were married and took … Continue reading

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Annapolis chilly scenes of winter: city dock, state house, Main Street, mouth of the Little Magothy River, and Woods Landing trail

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