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A little tranquility, no? And change of pace for those of you snowed in.

Reblogged from NelsonCarpenter.tumblr.com, there reblogged from onmyowntwohands.tumblr.com; source capturedphotos.tumblr.com NelsonCarpenter.tumblr.com remains one of my favorite blogs.

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Say good-bye to winter

From the archives of nelsoncarpenter.tumblr.com

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With snow falling in Maryland, I return for solace to nelsoncarpenter.tumblr.com, one of my favorite blogs, and add an Arthur Leipzig photo reblogged from soulcatcher.com

This picture above is from the archives at nelsoncarpenter.tumblr.com and, I believe, his own photograph. As long as we have three fellows in the water, I couldn’t resist adding, below, the three guys diving into the East River. This photograph by Arthur Leipzig is reblogged from … Continue reading

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Saying good-bye to summer

Reblogged from nelsoncarpenter.tumblr.com, one of the first blogs I found and one I return to frequently. (There this photo was reblogged from With Twelve Notes.) Looking at Nelson Carpenter’s blog is like sipping wine: nothing is required of you but pure … Continue reading

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