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Of National Geographic Coca-Cola ads and junior-high pals

I got my best friend in junior high interested in trains. He went train-watching with me, and he wrote away to railroads for literature (brochures, timetables). He amassed such a collection that I was envious at moments. We went for a day’s … Continue reading

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Humor: Ridiculous Parking Attempt

Click here to watch: Ridiculous parking attempt

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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad dining car experience

In the photo above from Greco and Spence, Dining on the B&O, the caption reads in part: “The young man seated at dinner on the Royal Blue does not appear pleased that the camera has caught his dad cutting his … Continue reading

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Cozy mysteries: The 90s Club and the Hidden Staircase, The 90s Club and the Whispering Statue, Eileen Haavik McIntire

  In The 90s Club and the Hidden Staircase long-retired detective Nancy Dickenson, now in her nineties, moves into Whisperwood Retirement Village in the wooded mountains of Central West Virginia. She hopes to leave behind fears associated with living alone in … Continue reading

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Say good-bye to winter

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Spinning man

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LA Union Station, musings about my father, and a lesson for young men dating

I’ve loved LA Union Station since my first time there, when, watching with my parents as arriving passengers from the Super Chief came through the tunnel from the trains, I spotted my grandmother’s small hat with a feather. But the picture above … Continue reading

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1947 Oldsmobile: we drove to the station in one

I remember the dashboard looking just like this. It was 1955, and the car was a 1947. The clock had stopped. The photo above from  Cars of the 1940s by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide; the photo below from … Continue reading

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Humor: Bergenbier Romanian Beer and IBC Root Beer

For a laugh watch this Begenbier commercial. For another laugh, try this IBC Root Beer commercial. Thanks to my nephew, Si Peterson, for calling this to my attention. If you want to move to Santa Fe, NM, and need a job, contact his … Continue reading

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Tattoos: I’m not a big fan of them. However…

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