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Ode to Bank of America, Southern California Gas and, Most of All, Nationwide

“We can’t acknowledge your sister’s death until we have a death certificate,” said the woman at the branch where my sister had done her banking. Meantime they would continue to honor automatic transfers, she assured me. A mailing I received … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Todd and I celebrate Valentine’s Day with manhattans, chocolate eclairs, and radio bars. I’d never heard of radio bars till we moved to Annapolis and saw them in the baker’s case at Graul’s market. I assumed they were a Southern … Continue reading

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An interesting review of THE MAN WHO ASKED TO BE KILLED

  Normally I wouldn’t reproduce Amazon reviews here, but I found this recent one especially interesting. Others have talked about the plot of this story and I’m not sure if I could recap all the connections if I tried, but … Continue reading

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Reading to survive

 I’m pleased to have Mike Albo as a guest on Late Last Night Books…/mike-albo-gross-time-looki…/ . Mike Albo, MA creative writing, Columbia, authored the novels Hornito, The Underminer (with Heffernan), the novellas The Junket and Spermhood, and the plays Sexotheque, … Continue reading

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