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“How to use Google+” in a nutshell

Google+ incorporates functions from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but terms like “friend” and “follow” have a different meaning. On Google+,  you “follow” or “friend” people when you “add” them into a “circle.” The circles are merely categories, and only you … Continue reading

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Richard Russo, Nobody’s Fool: Who wouldn’t be satisfied with such a woman? Well, most men wouldn’t be, because most men are never satisfied.

I paraphrased: the actual quote is, “Who but Carl Roebuck, the little twerp, wouldn’t be satisfied with such a woman, Sully wondered as he limped up the driveway of the Roebuck house. Well, most men wouldn’t be, he had to … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe on the subway platform at Grand Central Station New York

  I came across this photo on several blogs, among them None gave a history until I found “Marilyn Monroe–4 Days in New York,” Brock Street Gallery: “As one of the worlds most recognized faces, it was impossible for Marilyn … Continue reading

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How do they do it?

  Photo above reblogged from madfuture, that below from hellskank.      

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Humor: The Difference between Men and Women: David Barry’s The Complete Guide to Guys

At Three Editors Journal I read this excerpt from Dave Barry’s The Complete Guide to Guys, immediately went to Amazon, read more, and bought the book. I like to laugh, and I like this book because I’m interested in the … Continue reading

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‘A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores.’ Terry Pratchett

I ran across the quotation above, from The Fifth Elephant, in a post of 10 Terry Pratchett quotes on the site Interesting Literature. The newlyweds kissing were featured on Micharaven. Whatever problems gay couples have faced historically, I’ve come to suspect that … Continue reading

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A swim anyone?

Photo reposted  from the wonderful blog of Nelson Carpenter, attributed there to Joebotic Transmission.  

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Galveston, Texas: On Doing Things for the Last Time

When do we do things for the last time? I remember a box of stuffed animals in my parents’ garage–until one time I dropped by the house and noticed the box was gone. “I gave them to the Good Will,” my … Continue reading

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Hippie culture: Don’t Bogart That Joint!

My Galveston novel will be set between 1971 and 1983. I wanted to use the expression, “Don’t bogart that joint,” which I remembered using. But curious about the phrase, I googled it and came across the song, Don’t Bogart That Joint! with some … Continue reading

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Contemporary Maine Photographer Matthew Richards

  The top photo, above, is from a group Richards titles “Adventures” and that immediately below it from “Anthony Portraits.” (Say, I’ll take one of the latter, hold the portrait–never mind that I’m of the age where I could be his granddad. … Continue reading

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