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The Lincoln, new for 1955

I’ve loved trains and cars for as long as I can remember. Some cars of yesteryear are fun because they’re so gaudy or ungainly, but doesn’t this 71-year-old Lincoln have classic beauty?

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Celebrity Century and Studebaker Avanti: what do they have to do with each other?

I call this blog, “Through My Eyes,” but it could as well be called, “One Thing Leads To Another,” because that’s how my mind works, as do others, I believe. On our 25th anniversary Todd and I were married and took … Continue reading

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1947 Oldsmobile: we drove to the station in one

I remember the dashboard looking just like this. It was 1955, and the car was a 1947. The clock had stopped. The photo above from  Cars of the 1940s by the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide; the photo below from … Continue reading

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Audrey Hepburn and a Renault Dauphine

Reblogged from  My first car was a Dauphine (the blue car to Ms. Hepburn’s right)–that’s why this picture is here.

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A vintage crime scene: classic cars await the steam-pulled Chippewa at Coleman, WI, 1938.

I love shots like this because I love vintage crime (and I love trains). Photo from Trains magazine archive, reproduced in The Hiawatha Story, Jim Scribbons.

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1930s cars in the parking lot as the streamlined Hiawatha arrives

A train figures into Double Indemnity but not this Milwaukee Road Hiawatha because the novel was set in L.A. But this photo, taken in Greater Milwaukee and credited to the railroad, gives the feel of the era. Photo reproduced from The Hiawatha Story by Jim Scribbins.

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Backseat of the new 1956 Plymouth…”with wide doors that never snag frocks.”

But we don’t use the word “frock” any longer, right? I found this ad in the book, Ads That Put America on Wheels. I was 8 in 1956, and I don’t remember my mom or sisters talking about their “frocks” but … Continue reading

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My new Lamborghini

Well, not exactly mine. It was parked near my gym. “The job I really want is stealing expensive cars”–the words of one of my characters. Midway through a book, I might not remember what color hair and eyes the author … Continue reading

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