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Could this fellow taking off his shirt be Hardy, of YOUNG AND IN LOVE?

I thought of Hardy when I saw this gif of a young guy taking off his shirt. He’s not exactly as I picture Hardy, and he would be Hardy at a younger age than in the novella. But he conveys … Continue reading

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Wherever you go, there it is: home town, U.S.A.

“This was a world of vast parking lots connected to one another by roads that, due to congestion, often looked like vast parking lots. Every motel, restaurant, pet shop, and cinema was part of a national chain, giving the whole … Continue reading

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If you’re a gay man and you haven’t seen the blog you are in for quite a treat.

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Throwing knives: How often do they come up in literature?

Throwing knives–knives you throw for sport–have a role in my novel The Man Who Asked to Be Killed.  I was surprised to find throwing knives in a 2013 post “Two Asians and a Hag” on the blog Speak Loser, Speak by … Continue reading

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Goats, anyone?

I never gave goats a thought until last spring when I read Joyce Renwick‘s posthumous short-story volume In Praise of What Persists. A goat stars in the story “The Goat.”  “I kept finding the goat wandering in the dining room, or … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

I have a fondness for Mobius: A Journal of Social Change (they published my short story, “The Yearbook,” after all), so I occasional peruse the fiction there. In “Additives” by Paul K. Binford a boy is working on the carburetor of … Continue reading

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North Dixie Highway: review and interview with author Joseph D Haske

  A prologue explains that no single “Dixie Highway” exists, but instead the term applies to roads south that reach as far north as Canada. Haske’s story lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Publisher Texas Review Press offers, in part: “Weaving … Continue reading

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A little tranquility, no? And change of pace for those of you snowed in.

Reblogged from, there reblogged from; source remains one of my favorite blogs.

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What’s autobiographical in The Man Who Asked to Be Killed?

After my interview in Omnimystery News last week, I was asked back to do a guest post on Omnimystery. I write about autobiographical details in The Man Who Asked to Be Killed. To read my post on Omnimystery, click here.

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Two men dancing in the late 1800s

Reblogged here from the marvelous tumblr, Lover of Beauty , there captioned as “Experimental Sound Film (dir. William Dickson — 1894)” and cited as “originally posted by truefoes.” Consider this unrelated but relevant quote from Intersecting Tango : Cultural Geographies of Buenos … Continue reading

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