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On The Joey Bishop Show last night I heard two jokes. Maybe riddle is a better word than joke, because these aren’t laugh out loud funny, yet interesting. There’s a builder who always does a perfect job. When he finishes a project, … Continue reading

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(I had a wonderful version of this that didn’t blur out this guy’s private parts, but someone seems to have not liked my posting it because it disappeared.)  

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Throwing knives: How often do they come up in literature?

Throwing knives–knives you throw for sport–have a role in my novel The Man Who Asked to Be Killed.  I was surprised to find throwing knives in a 2013 post “Two Asians and a Hag” on the blog Speak Loser, Speak by … Continue reading

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Erotic Review Publishes My Humor: “Who was he? She watched him sleep, his back to her…”

My comic short story, “Incorrigible,” set at West Virginia University, where a grad student wakes to find a strange undergrad in her bed, has found its way into the London-based Erotic Review, an online magazine “appealing to the primary sexual … Continue reading

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Governor O’Malley: Reality Imitates My Fiction

I threw into the air half of the only glass of wine I held on the evening I spent, sort of, with Governor O’Malley. Todd and I sat among Todd’s fellow Naval Academy faculty in the living room of a … Continue reading

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Oscar Wilde on his death bed: “Either the wall paper goes or I do.” In his book MIDMEN Author Steve Ochs brings both humor and sound advice to men facing their own mortality in mid-life crisis.

. I encountered Steve Ochs years ago in his life as a stand-up comic. If you haven’t watched the YouTube film of him discussing his cat’s sex life, it’s not to be missed. Go to Nor do you want to … Continue reading

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A London shop window, next to or a part of Gordon Gridley’s Antiques, Islington High Street

  “Here lies the victim of untied shoe laces.”   Todd and I were in London briefly in October. I’m ever surprised by English English. A recording repeated that our city bus was “on diversion.” In the States we’d say … Continue reading

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Humor: He Wishes She Wouldn’t Read in Bed

Click here to watch Kyle McGruther as “Ray Barone” and Damia Torhagen as his Debra.

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How much do you know about your cat’s sex life?

I laughed till I hurt watching this 1992 stand-up performance by Steve Ochs,

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Cunnilingus going on while I sliced the tomatoes? The result: “He Wishes She Wouldn’t Read in Bed” on YouTube.

  What do you do when you have a young man under the covers in your bed pretending to perform cunnilingus on a young woman? “I’ll slice tomatoes for the sandwiches and leave you alone to do this,” I said. … Continue reading

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