My novels: YOUNG AND IN LOVE? (gay men’s novella) (BUY FROM BOLD STROKES BOOKS) or YOUNG AND IN LOVE? (BUY FROM AMAZON)* THE SHAPE OF THE EARTH (gay full-length novel) * THE MAN WHO ASKED TO BE KILLED (noir legal thriller) praised at THE WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF BOOKS * My stories online:  A HOUSE WHERE WE BOTH COULD LIVE in CHELSEA STATION MAGAZINE * INCORRIGIBLE in EROTIC REVIEW MAGAZINE * THE YEARBOOK in MOBIUS: A JOURNAL OF SOCIAL CHANGE My other stories appear in OFF THE ROCKS, Q REVIEW, BEST GAY LOVE STORIES 2005, and HARRINGTON GAY MEN’S FICTION QUARTERLY My blogs: garygarthmccann.com * Late Last Night Books online magazine streamlinememories.com My humorous 90-second video: HE WISHES SHE WOULDN’T READ IN BED 

I’ve been honored by first prizes from the Maryland Writers’ Association for both short fiction and mystery. I live in Annapolis with my husband, Todd Garth, the first out professor at the US Naval Academy. We married on our 25th anniversary. As a writer, I use Todd’s surname as a middle name. The head shots are of me now and in high school. Can you tell which is which?

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