Reviews from Goodreads:

“Hardy is real and adorable. Eli is a real trip and Jay and Wyatt are all out sexy. I thought Hardy’s — how do you say – obsession? with his father was oddly tantalizing…I would love to follow Hardy’s journey though sex, love and life.”

“Delightful novella…Though a perfect beach or airplane read, one of the side effects could be an acute case of wood.”

“A perfervid romance novella.”

(I had to look up perfervid. It means intense and impassioned.)

Available today in all ebook formats on Bold Strokes Books, where you can read an excerpt. Available October 16 from other ebook retailers. Buy directly from Bold Strokes Books to support an independent LGBT publisher. Subscribe to Bold Strokes Books newsletter, with special offers.

My full-length novel The Shape of the Earth will be released in paperback and as an ebook on March 1, 2019. Available now for pre-order on Bold Strokes Books.

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