The First Review of My Novella YOUNG AND IN LOVE?

“Hardy is working his way through that difficult journey of discovering not only who he is and what he wants out of life– but also finding, or better, defining what love means for him. ‘Young and In Love?’ is a very sexy, fun reading experience. I like that author Gary Garth McCann doesn’t allow his characters to get too bogged down with self-loathing and guilt but instead takes charge of, and responsibility for their lives and actions. I really enjoyed all the characters: Hardy is very real and adorable, Eli is a real trip and Jay and Wyatt are all out sexy. I thought Hardy’s — how do you say – obsession? with his father was oddly tantalizing. I sure hope there are more adventures in the future because I would love to follow Hardy’s journey though sex, love and life.” –Jeff Linamen, author of  September’s Heroes: A Play Honoring the Heroes of 9/11 and The House of Evil: A New Play.

Jeff is a stranger to me.

Thanks for the review, Jeff.

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