As managing editor of Late Last Night Books online magazine, soon to begin its fifth year, I’m honored to welcome five new columnists: Ron Cooper, author of The Gospel of the Twin, Purple Jesus, Hume’s Fork and philosophy professor, University of Central Florida; Joseph D Haske, author of North Dixie Highway and professor of English, South Texas College; Joshua Braff, author of The Daddy Diaries, Peep Show, The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, MFA Columbia: Sybil Baker, author of Immigration Essays, Into this World, Talismans, The Life Plan and professor of English and creative writing at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga; and Lily Iona MacKenzie, author of Fling! and adjunct professor of creative writing, University of San Francisco.

LATE LAST NIGHT BOOKS  “because so much reading, writing, and living happens after-hours”

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