Happy Valentine’s Day 2017


Todd and I celebrate Valentine’s Day with manhattans, chocolate eclairs, and radio bars.

I’d never heard of radio bars till we moved to Annapolis and saw them in the baker’s case at Graul’s market. I assumed they were a Southern tradition, or possibly a Baltimore tradition, but the closest I’ve come to finding radio bars online is in an article about a Detroit tradition called “Bumpy Cake.”

radiobars3 radiobars4


Oh, and did I mention sex?

And, ladies, if you wonder whether your husband or boyfriend’s nipples are sexually sensitve, consider what Cosmo says in “Are Men’s Nipples Sensitive?


Here’s another Valentine’s Day treat, courtesy of M.U. Y.A. XL on Google Plus.



(Photo at top from the tumblr shelovesitxo; left radio bar from derryx.com, right from sweets.seriouseats.com; gif from JamesDeangayrollGooglePlus.)

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