Erotic Review Publishes My Humor: “Who was he? She watched him sleep, his back to her…”


My comic short story, “Incorrigible,” set at West Virginia University, where a grad student wakes to find a strange undergrad in her bed, has found its way into the London-based Erotic Review, an online magazine “appealing to the primary sexual organ — the brain.” The undergrad in my story is Buddy, who 8 years later in his life serves as lawyer protagonist in my novel, The Man Who Asked to Be Killed.

“Incorrigible” is my fifth published story. My story “The Yearbook” also may be read online, in Mobius: A Journal of Social Change

“The Shape of the Earth” appears in the Q Review (now defunct) and in Off the Rocks, Volume 16“The Best I Can Do Under the Circumstances” appears in the anthology Best Gay Love Stories 2005and “A Double Bed” appears in Harrington Gay Men’s Fiction Quarterly, Volume 3, Issue 3 (available through libraries that subscribe to Taylor & Francis Online).

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