North Dixie Highway: review and interview with author Joseph D Haske



A prologue explains that no single “Dixie Highway” exists, but instead the term applies to roads south that reach as far north as Canada. Haske’s story lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Publisher Texas Review Press offers, in part: “Weaving multiple storylines with vivid description of characters and landscape, Haske’s debut novel brings new life and a unique voice to the fiction of rural America. North Dixie Highway is a story of family bonds, devolution, and elusive revenge.”
Author reviewer Larry Fondation adds (in an Amazon editorial review) “It may be fueled by alcohol and anger, but it’s based on love and loyalty: avenging the dead, defending the living.” For my review go to Jan. 20 Late Last Night Books.


“With most of Buck’s family, there is an underlying reverence for human life. They are capable of doing all sorts of violent things, and although hunting isn’t a problem for most of Buck’s family, or maybe even mutilation, killing another human being outside of conventional war goes too far for most of them. Part of it might be attributed to religion, or maybe just a fear of getting caught. The only character who doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with the idea of murder is Colonel Henry, and he’s not a blood relative. Hunting is a way of life for most of these characters, but they see murder as something distinct, something they don’t take lightly.” Joseph D. Haske.  Read  my full interview with him Feb. 20 at Late Last Night Books.

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