Two men dancing in the late 1800s


Reblogged here from the marvelous tumblr, Lover of Beauty , there captioned as “Experimental Sound Film (dir. William Dickson — 1894)” and cited as “originally posted by truefoes.”

Consider this unrelated but relevant quote from Intersecting Tango : Cultural Geographies of Buenos Aires, 1900-1930 (Bergero, Adriana J., University of Pittsburgh Press, 2008): “The modern city was much more confusing, beginning with the fact that the tango was initially danced between men, in close embrace.”

I took a look at truefoes, a blog new to me, and found the most recent post, as of 8/24/14, to be of Swedish  director Ingmar Bergman, captioned “…TRUEFOESingmarbergmanca. 1936.”



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