Welcoming Spring 1949-style, Newsweek magazine, with a nod to Barnes Bros. Circus, Adlai Stevenson, Bette Davis, and Rita Hayworth


From the May 2, 1949 Newsweek: “Airy Publicity: To welcome the springtime–and to get her picture in the papers–Betty Fox, a Barnes Bros. Circus performer, climbed out a thirteenth floor window of a Chicago hotel and skipped rope on an 18-inch platform.”

This was included on the “In Passing” page. Click on the page below to enlarge it, and click again to enlarge it further, then get a cup of tea or a glass of wine and, while you read, pretend you’re sitting on the couch in your 1949 living room with your 1948 Hudson parked out front, which you intend to drive downtown to the railroad station to see about tickets for your summer trip to visit your aging Great Aunt Ida (even though Great Aunt Ida got on your nerves so badly last summer you swore you’d do something different next year).


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