“…He was the helplessly contradictory mess that real people always are.”–Charles Dodd White

800px-Silhouette_of_father_and_son_hunting_in_the_sunsetHester Eugene, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“It is a difficult piece that deals with family issues, but I believe it’s one of the more important things I’ve done as a writer,” says Charles Dodd White, at http://charlesdoddwhite.me/. He’s talking of “Groupings,” an essay about fathers and sons and uncles and nephews and guns and hunting. I was mesmerized. I wrote out in longhand three quotes from “Groupings,” one I reproduced in the header on this post. Here are the other two:

“…his capacity to turn against those who had stood by him in the most difficult of times never failed to rob him of the kind of deep loyalty he deserved.”

[of a father and son] “They could not forgive each other for the things they have in common, just as they could never stop loving each other for the same reason.”

Read “Groupings” at http://therumpus.net/2013/09/groupings/

Photo above by Hester Eugene, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wikimedia Commons. The photo below is the banner of http://charlesdoddwhite.me/.


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