Fat Chance by R.J. Leahy: laughs and light mystery. A likeable, smart aleck NY detective gets stranded in a small New Mexico town and partners, sort of, with a crotchety Japanese-American widow there to visit her husband’s grave. Together they search for a missing special-needs local nicknamed “Fat Chance.”

Silas' New Mexico road

I often read in bed, and Fat Chance passed the toothbrush test: that is, while brushing my teeth, I found myself looking forward to getting into bed with Fat Chance (the book, not the character). Half the books I buy don’t do that for me–and I don’t keep reading them. I’m a little fussy. On that note I’ll add that, like a lot of books published today, Fat Chance could have used another proof-reading and a little more editing. But that didn’t stop me from having fun with it.

To see Darcia Helle’s review of Fat Chance on her blog, “A Word Please,” go to http://quietfurybooks.com/blog/2013/09/review-fat-chance-by-r-j-leahy/

Author R.J. Leahy, a physician who lives in St. Louis, has a web page at http://www.rjleahy.net/

The New Mexico highway photo above was taken by my nephew, Silas Peterson, a principal in The Hire Firm, Santa Fe, http://thehirefirm.com/.


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