Beach wrestling: “Watch his neck.” Write a short story?


Good show, guys. There’s a jump-off point for fiction in this Youtube video. Maybe two guys realize their friendship is based on one being better at things. The loser needs to get out from under his friend’s shadow, and the winner hurts over his friend’s need to pull away. Or maybe two guys are interested in the same woman, who’s on her towel in the sand refusing to watch their antics. Or two guys are just having fun on the beach and something goes terribly wrong–“watch his neck”– which changes the rest of their lives. And how does the little girl in the video figure into a story, if at all? Write your version. I love writing short stories but right now I’m too busy getting a novel out, and writing a second, to tackle a short story. Maybe I’ll post your story here if you want, or link to it if you publish it elsewhere. Remember, all characters are fictional. You don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy. Don’t write a narrative of the video, but use it as an inspiration to imagination. The man-versus-man conflict symbolized is primordial; a whole story exists in the guys’ evocative stance alone in the video still above. Watch the full video (under 3 minutes) at I’d like to hear if you’re interested. Leave a comment or email Nice to have a contact interested in a story you’re writing, no?

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