New York City at night

NYCnight1 is a great source to find art that may be reblogged, also a wonderful place to browse for whatever, usually not clitoris, a search I tried. Well, I hadn’t touched one for a long while and needed to see what my straight male narrator’s tongue craved. (Look for my first novel, a mystery/suspense, to be published in 2014.) Somewhere online—gentlemen, I’m sorry I don’t have a URL to give you—I found a full frontal of a smiling, very well-built nude woman walking with her more-or-less clothed male companions along a city street, more likely San Francisco than New York. Walking along the Embarcadero recently, I—wearing everything from my suitcase, SF always being colder than I expect—was surprised to see a man of my generation, shirtless, in the crowd coming toward me. As we passed, I realized he was bottomless too, wearing only sneakers. SF had passed a law allowing nudity anywhere on public property in the city, a law since revised, I believe.

In my first book I don’t have my protagonist, Buddy, think about breasts because I feel that the fact that he’s doing so goes without saying, and no occasion arose in the book where I sensed Buddy thinking something about breasts that hasn’t been thought a thousand times before. In my second novel, the book I’m now writing, protagonist Marty wonders if other fathers get aroused by their nineteen-year-old son’s girlfriends. The foot of his own son’s girlfriend is against Marty’s as she leans over the kitchen counter to look at a pineapple-upside-down-cake recipe he’s following. He glimpses a nipple that he knows he has no business seeing since this young woman may someday be his son’s wife and the mother of his grandchildren.

But I’ve digressed from Wikimediacommons, where I found these three night scenes of New York as I searched for art to use in the banner of my blogzine,  The scene above was photographed by Paulo Barcellos Jr. and won second place, Wikimedia Picture of the Year Contest, 2007.


Photo above by Arthur Guichard or George Miquilena (?), Wikimediacommons


The Brooklyn Bridge, July 1903, John Francis Straus, photographer, Wikimediacommons

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